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Your supplier for beef

We are a family business with meanwhile already years of craftmanship.

In 1954 Leo van der Arend, father of the current owners, launches the company with a butcher shop in Amersfoort. In the course of time the company rapidly expands into 18 shops in different locations. To efficiently supply our own butcher shops we start Randstad Vleesgroothandel B.V. in 1985. After a short period of time we also start to supply supermarkets and other butchers in The Netherlands.

Randstad Vleesgroothandel continues to grow; supplying meat to industrial customers and also exporting throughout Europe. We start focussing on selling only beef, mainly female.

Meanwhile, Randstad Vleesgroothandel processes 200 ton of fresh beef per week. For more than years we daily supply top quality beef products to regular customers throughout Europe. This market is still expanding. We therefore invest, as Randstad Vleesgroothandel, in resources which improves the quality and professionality of our company. Our people work with the latest production techniques. We are HACCP, EEG and FSSC 22000 certified and use this for our quality system.

As customer you are our priority. You have contact with skilled employees, responding quickly and effectively and properly fulfill agreements.

Why Randstad Vleesgroothandel?

  • years of craftmanship
  • A reliable supplier
  • Daily production and delivery of fresh beef
  • Consistent quality, service and delivery
  • Complies with all HACCP, EEG and FSSC 22000 - standards
  • An excellent price/quality ratio
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